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The Newtown, Ct. Massacre and Autism

Dr. Holmes’ radio show Adult on the Autism Spectrum: TODAY! is heard every third Saturday of the month and the past 8 years of shows are archived at http://www.autismone.org

The international radio show, Adults on the Autism Spectrum; TODAY!, is brought to you on the third Saturday of every month. The general themes addressed on the show include: planning for the future; how to access adult services; effective transition approaches; wills/trusts/guardianship; self-advocacy; state and national advocacy; service development; employment opportunities; supported living; recreation/leisure activities; and, personal stories of success and struggle.

Lifespan Services is a full service consulting company bringing decades of experience and nationally recognized consultants to help families, individuals with autism and related disabilities, as well as, schools and agencies at the local, state and federal level, to get what individuals with autism need and deserve throughout their lifespan.

Lifespan Services offers practical solutions to lifespan challenges; recognizing that idealism increases proportionally from its distance to the problem.

Dr. Holmes is the host of Adults on the Autism Spectrum; TODAY! This radio show is an international show that airs monthly. You can listen to the show and/or listen to the archived shows from the past 6 years by logging onto www.autismoneradio.org 

Recent Published Autism Articles:

*excerpted from the new book “The Brick Wall”[2016] by B. Gallagher, BCBA.

“Our final witness was Dr. David Holmes. He was bringing up the rear like the Grand Marshall of a parade. Grand Marshall was a good way to describe Dr. Holmes, or Dr. Dave, as he preferred to be called. He was a tall man with a commanding presence. His strong confidence was something to admire, and his analogies were great if you understood sports. He had founded one of the first schools for children with autism, the Eden School, in 1975. He had spent his lifetime working with individuals with autism, from babies to adults. He had authored a book, Autism Through the Lifespan,that received several awards from agencies serving individuals with autism.”

Lecture Appearances – Dr. David L. Holmes 

“On The Wrong Side of The Law: When Individuals with ASD Misuse the Internet and Electronic Media”
ASPEN Conference October 29, 2017

“Growing up with Autism; the struggles and the achievements. Dr. David L. Holmes with Archie “
Autism Society Conference July 14th Milwaukee, Wisc. 

“Current Trends in Applied and Basic Research and the Service Needs of Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder [ASD]”
BIT’s 8th Annual World Congress of NeuroTalk-2017

May 22-24, 2017 Place: Barcelona, Spain 

“Cases of Larceny, Threats with Deadly Weapons, Assault, Custody and Truancy; the ever expanding nexus of Autism Spectrum Disorders and the Courts”.
2017 lecture at the American College of Forensic Psychology
April 6-9, 2017, San Diego, Ca.

Entitlements vs. Eligibility as they relate to lifespan services for individuals with Autism.
Autism Society, New Orleans, July, 2016. – Click here to download lecture

Pornography, violent DVDs, and laws compelling treatment: when autism spectrum disorder is a consideration
American College of Forensic Psychology, San Diego, March, 10, 2016

Successful measures for obtaining appropriate educational, residential and adult services for individuals with ASD  
Autism Society, Denver Colorado, July 10,2015

Violent Behavior and Autism: premeditated or unintentional?
American College of Forensic Psychology, San Diego, Ca. March 26, 2015

Entitlements vs. Eligibility as they relate to Lifespan Services for those with ASD”
Autism Society of America, July 14, 2016, New Orleans, La. 
Holmes, David l., Dr. and Prior, Paul, ESQ.


Recent Invited Addresses;

Global Cyber crimes and Autism: is there a role for forensic psychology?-San Francisco, CA has been approved 28th Annual Symposium in Forensic Psychology, April 19-22, 2012.

American College of Forensic Psychology, San Diego, Ca. USA: Petitioning the courts to achieve residential services; addressing the autism dilemma. [March, 2011]

Global Autism Conference, Bangalore, India: Autism through the lifespan; a
worldwide dilemma [May, 2011]

Autism One Conference, Chicago, Ill. USA: Lessons learned from the past year of hosting “Adults on the Autism Spectrum: TODAY!” [May, 2011]

Applied Behavior Analysis International, Denver, Co. USA:  Forensic ABA;
Ensuring proper ABA supports for individuals with autism so that prison does
not become a ‘placement option’. [May, 2011]

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