Autism Resources This excellent page has a very complete listing of autism links which are regularly updated.

Autism & Dental Care –, covering common dental problems that patients with autism are more prone to and how these can be managed.

ABA Resources – A parent-developed site about ABA-related topics Abilitations Catalog – A resource for Equipment for Development & Restoration of Physical and Mental Ability Through Movement.

Alpine Learning Group, Inc. – A nonprofit education and treatment program serving individuals with autism and PDD.

Applied Behavior Consulting (ABC) – Provides in-home behavioral support for families of children with autism The Arc of New Jersey – A statewide, private, nonprofit advocacy organization founded in 1947 by a group of parents who had a vision of building a better quality of life for people with mental retardation and their families. Consisting of a state office and nineteen local county chapters, The Arc of New Jersey is affiliated with The Arc, a national organization on mental retardation with 1200 chapters nationwide. ASAH (Association of Schools and Agencies Serving the Handicapped) – Serving individuals with special needs ASPEN (Asperger Syndrome Education Network) The Association for Behavior Analysis  (Note: On home page, click Special Interest Groups [SIGS] and then click autism) AutismConnect – Provides a regular news service; details all known national and international events; has a series of World Maps to connect you to relevant societies, research groups, schools and other resources, and more. Developed by The Shirley Foundation & the UK based National Autistic Society. Autism Research Institute Autism Resources Autism Society of America Autism Information and Training Materials for the Law Enforcement Community

AUTISMSOURCE.ORG http://www.AUTISMSOURCE.ORG Autismo y Padres Latinos – Una organizacion de padres ayudando a padres Bancroft NeuroHealth Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) Blue Green Algae & Special Needs Children: What’s the Connection? Autism Tissue Program – The Autism Tissue Program is a joint effort of the Autism Society of America (ASA) Foundation, the National Alliance for Autism Research (NAAR) and the M.I.N.D. (Medical Investigation of Neurodevelopmental Disorders) Institute at the University of California, Davis. Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies Center for the Study of Autism – The Center for the Study of Autism (CSA) is located in the Salem/Portland, Oregon area. The Center provides information about autism to parents and professionals, and conducts research on the efficacy of various therapeutic interventions.  Articles and links are available on the website. The Center for Disease Control (CDC): Autism Information The Center for Disease Control (CDC) National Immunization Program: Children’s Center of Monmouth County Children’s Progress Unlimited Communication Behavior Associates LLC – Communication Behavior Associates LLC, offers a wide range of services designed to effectively meet the academic, social, communicative, and behavioral needs of individuals with Autistic Spectrum Disorders.  Continuing Education Programs of America – List of autism videos

COSAC –  The NJ Centers for Outreach  & Services for the Autism Community Inc. Cure Autism Now  [Note: New Jersey Cure Autism Now (NJCAN) is a COSAC member agency] CycleUSA – The official site for the ASA Foundation’s Cycle to Understand and Solve Autism fund raising event. The Davis Center for Hearing, Speech & Learning Developmental Delay Registry The Devereux Foundation – The nation’s largest independent non-profit provider of treatment services for individuals with emotional, behavioral, and developmental disabilities.  [Note: Devereux New Jersey Center for Autism is a COSAC member agency] Early Childhood LINK – An North Carolina-based model training and technical assistance project developed to facilitate transdisciplinary early intervention service provision to young children. The Eden Family of Services – Providing community-based lifespan services for children and adults with autism and their families since 1975 Exceptional Parent Magazine Families for Early Autism Treatment (FEAT) – FEAT is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing world class Education, Advocacy, and Support for the Northern California Autism Community and beyond, offering an on-line newsletter and more. First Signs – A non-profit organization dedicated to educating parents and physicians about the early warning signs of autism and other developmental disorders in early childhood. The Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities Future Horizons – Future Horizons is the world leader in autism/Asperger’s Syndrome publishing.  The site also lists autism and Asperger’s Syndrome conferences and available materials. The Great Plains Laboratory, Inc. Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratories – Featuring the Autism Resource Center (ARC), an on-line collection of autism information and resources. Greater New Haven PDD/Asperger’s Support Group HelpSoft, Inc. – Visit this website for a trial version of Learning Helper software! The Immunization Action Coalition – The Judge Rotenberg Educational Center – The Judge Rotenberg Educational Center  operates day and residential programs for children and adults with behavior problems, including conduct disorders, emotional problems, brain injury or psychosis, autism and developmental disabilities (MA). Melmark –  Melmark is a not-for-profit provider of educational, residential and therapeutic services for children and adults with developmental disabilities (PA, MA, MD). Magical Toys and Products – Therapeutic toys and products Movement Stories for Children National Alliance for Autism Research The National Autistic Society (UK)

The National Autism Center

The National Professional Development Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders  The National Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities (NICHCY) –  The national information and referral center that provides information on disabilities and disability-related issues for families, educators, and other professionals. The special focus is children and youth (birth to age 22). The National Network for Immunization Information National Vaccine Information Center New Beginnings at Glenview Academy New Horizons in Autism New Jersey Protection and Advocacy (NJP&A) – The designated protection and advocacy system for people with disabilities in New Jersey. The New Jersey Developmental Disabilities Council – The NJDDC is authorized by the federal Developmental Disabilities Assistance and Bill of Rights Act and New Jersey state law to promote systems change, coordinate advocacy and research for 1.2 million residents with developmental and other disabilities. The NJ Governor’s Council for Medical Research and Treatment of Infantile Autism OASIS (Online Asperger Syndrome Information and Support) – Provides general information on Asperger syndrome and related disorders, including resources and materials, events listings, and publications or Office for Prevention of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities On-The-Same-Page: An Asperger Syndrome and Autism Resource Our Autism Home Page PACT, Parents of Autistic Children Together – Especially for those in Burlington, Camden, & Gloucester counties (NJ) POAC, Parents of Autistic Children – POAC is a not for profit group made up of parents of children with autism and provides service to the autism community. Pyramid Educational Consultants, Inc. – The home of “Picture Exchange Communication System” Pocket Full of Therapy – A mail order toy company specializing in toys and materials for the special needs child. Owned and operated by experienced pediatric Occupational Therapists, PFOT tries to make toy selection easier by providing the therapeutic and educational value of each item. PFOT also provides an “Ask the Therapist” service through the web site. The Positive Supports Network of New Jersey  Positive behavioral support is an approach to intervention that integrates technical features of applied behavior analysis with person-centered values. The goal is to build community capacity to support people faced with behavioral challenges. The Q104 Kids Foundation – A foundation developed to provide critical funding to organizations that provide education and therapeutic services to children with developmental disabilities in the New York Metropolitan area. Regional Family Support Planning Council of Middlesex, Mercer and Hunterdon Counties Road ID – A company specializing in personal identification jewelry and tags. SEARCH Day Program – Specializing in Creative Programming for Individuals with Autism. The Sibling Support Project Siblings of Autism – An on-line support group for siblings Society For The Autistically Handicapped Someone Special Needs You – A Monmouth County, NJ area non-profit with a focus on recreation activities and support for special kids and their families.  SSNY is run by parents and volunteers. Statewide Parent Advocacy Network of NJ (SPAN) – SPAN’s mission is to empower families and inform and involve professionals and other individuals interested in the healthy development and educational rights of children, to enable all children to become fully participating and contributing members of our communities and society. Stages Learning Materials – Produce picture cards to teach early language skills to children with autism, speech & language delays or other related disabilities Unlocking Autism – Information about the OPEN YOUR EYES National Autism Awareness Project The Vaccine Education Center: Vital Life Vitamins – An authorized distributor of SerenAid, a “nutritional aid for children with autism.” Woodbine House – Publishers of The Special-Needs Collection, sixty books on disabilities and related topics including AD/HD, autism, celiac disease, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, fragile X syndrome, learning disabilities, spina bifida, traumatic brain injury, early intervention, inclusion, special education, communication skills, and more. Youth Consultation Service: Virginia Harkness Sawtelle Learning Center – A private, not-for-profit school offering services for children ages 3-21 within the autism spectrum (locations in Montclair, Paramus, and Collingswood, NJ) Government Links NJ State NJDDC DHS U.S. Congress White House

WEBSITES ABOUT: Theories of Autism

Alternative Therapies for Children with Brain Injury and Developmental Disorders This site has an immediately accesible index to the following autism theories: Opioid Excess Theories, Opioid-like substances, Dipeptidyl peptidase deficiency, Opioids and secretin, Opioids and glutathione, Opioids and immunosuppression, Gluten/Casein Theories, Opioid receptors, Urinary IAG, Fatty Acids, Gamma Interferon Theory, Free Sulphate Theory, Cholocystokinin and Autism, Oxytocin and Vasopressin in Autism, Autism and Amino Acids, Autoimmune Theory, Viral Infection Theory, Vaccinations and Autism, DPT and brain damage, MMR vaccine and autism, Action of Secretin Theories, Secretin and cAMP, Lectins and secretin, Prenatal Aspartame Exposure


WEBSITES ABOUT: General Information and Link Lists

Kay Stammers Page “Beyond Autism” This is a terrific site! Her list of articles and abstracts is fantastic and up to date. She also manages an up to date calendar of disability events

HealthlinkUSA This site is designed to be easy to use for people who are searching the internet for information on a wide range of specific health topics, including Autism. Links to sites which discuss treatment, prevention, support groups, e-mail lists, message boards, risk factors, statistics, research and more are included.

Wobus One of the best, most complete sets of autism links available. If time is limited, John Wobus’s site is the one to visit. This site includes autism links, frequently asked questions and advice to parents of newly diagnosed children. One of the links is a list of frequently mentioned books on autism lists. There is also an extensive bibliography of books on autism (over 500 books).

From the Ramparts FROM THE RAMPARTS is striving to be a complete resource guide for informational resources regarding almost ANY developmental, neuro-biological or behavioral disorder / disability. No “censorship bias” pro or con toward any one particular remediation or course of action is either implied or espoused. This site is intended to serve as a dependable gateway to reliable information regarding educational, health, social and vocational issues for those who are interested in taking a proactive role in their own or their loved one’s life decisions.

Pharmaceutical Information Network This site is full of links ranging from information on drugs to information on pharmacy schools.

Pediatric resources Extensive listings including link to Exceptional Parent magazine. This is a good site for information on product recalls, emergency alerts, growth and development, simple prescriptions, etc. It has its own search engine on the page, so you can look for specifics. They also host a “Kids Only” club.

1-800-Wheelchair opened in 1997 with a clear mission: to be a one stop, full service medical supply company. If you find yourself or family member with a short term injury or a long term disability, we have the products needed to help increase your mobility


WEBSITES ABOUT: Related Disorders

Learning Disabilities Links on IRSC This page has an enormous list of links to all sorts of disability pages.

Apraxia Kids If you were searching for information about apraxia of speech in children or developmental verbal dyspraxia, this is the right place. Get questions answered in the “frequently asked questions from parents” section of the page, get info on speech and language topics, and access appraxia parents’ support groups.

Landau-Kleffner Syndrome Written by Stephen M. Edelson, Ph.D. Center for the Study of Autism, Salem, Oregon. Individuals with this disorder have have abnormal EEG patterns and autistic behavior.

Prader-Willi Syndrome Written by Stephen M. Edelson, Ph.D. Center for the Study of Autism, Salem, Oregon. Missing a small portion of chromosome 15, these individuals display an obsession with food which is often associated with impulsive eating, compact body build, underdeveloped sexual characteristics, and poor muscle tone. Can be associated with autism.

Rett Syndrome Written by Stephen M. Edelson, Ph.D. Center for the Study of Autism, Salem, Oregon. Rett Syndrome was first recognized by Andreas Rett in 1966 and is a neurological disorder affecting primarily females. Autopsies on the brains of these individuals indicate a pathology different than autism; however, children afflicted with Rett Syndrome often exhibit autistic-like behaviors, such as repetitive hand movements, prolonged toe walking, body rocking, and sleep problems.

Williams Syndrome Written by Stephen M. Edelson, Ph.D. Center for the Study of Autism, Salem, Oregon Williams Syndrome is a genetic disorder characterized by mild mental retardation and autistic-like behaviors. It is a rare disorder in which a portion of DNA material on chromosome 7 is missing.


WEBSITES ABOUT: Vaccine Awareness

National Vaccine Information Center The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) is a national, non-profit educational organization founded in 1982. It is the oldest and largest national organization advocating reformation of the mass vaccination system

Gary Null’s Action File: Vaccinations Informative articles, links to other sites and other organizations regarding concerns about harm caused by vaccines

“The Autism Explosion” by Dr. Bernard Rimland Dr. Rimland’s article regarding his thoughts on vaccines and the increase in autism rates.

The Natural Immunity Information Network ( N I I N ) dedicated to providing information and support to families and individuals who are exploring alternatives in health and seeking to make informed choices with regard to the possible vaccination of their children. The main sections of this site include information about the law and regulations regarding vaccines.


WEBSITES ABOUT: Government Health and Disability Service Organizations

The National Institutes of Health Begun as a one-room Laboratory of Hygiene in 1887, the National Institutes of Health today is one of the world’s foremost biomedical research centers, and the Federal focal point for biomedical research in the U.S. The NIH mission is to uncover new knowledge that will lead to better health for everyone. This page has a search engine for easy access to the information on the site which includes NIH links to information on employment opportunities, summer internships, and also an NIH E-mail and telephone directory. Simply described, the goal of NIH research is to acquire new knowledge to help prevent, detect, diagnose, and treat disease and disability, from the rarest genetic disorder to the common cold.

Social Security Administration, Disability Information This site offers links on the following topics: Welfare Reform and Childhood Disability, Social Security Disability Publications, Information and Forms, Disability Notes, Employment and Rehabilitation Programs, Professional Relations Programs, Functional Work Disability Measures, Congressional Testimony on Social Security Disability and other issues.

The Center for Mental Health Services’ Knowledge Exchange Network (KEN) This government website that offers a wealth of information about mental health. Visitors can order free publications online, search KEN’s referral database, read the latest mental health news, and explore links on a variety of mental health-related topics including children’s health issues, autism, depression, anxiety, self-help/support groups, treatment, and research.



WEBSITES ABOUT: Online Bookstores

The Neuroscience Center This site has a Library of Neurological Information (LONI). It also has a NeuroScience Center Bookstore with a selection of 2,000 books which you can order online. Also on the page is the Journal of Cognitive Rehabilitation Archives which includes searchable archives.

Future Horizons This site sells books, audio tapes, and video tapes on autism and PDD for both parents and children. The page also offers a newsletter. In addition, it lists conferences.


WEBSITES ABOUT: Family Resources

Beyond Autism – All Children Are Exceptional Kay Stammers writes that her new site is a “labor of love and frustration done by a parent that has ‘been there done that’.”

Families Working Together Dave & Kristine Sivewright have created a beautiful Christian web site “dedicated to all our special angels with autism” This site has many resources and including a list of special needs ministries.

Web of Care Follow the browse link to”autism” for general information and strategies for caring for an autistic family member.

Family Village A global community that integrates information, resources, and communication opportunities on the Internet for persons with mental retardation and other disabilities, for their families, and for those that provide them services and support. This site includes informational resources on specific diagnoses, communication connections, adaptive products and technology, adaptive recreational activities, education, worship, health issues, disability-related media and literature, and much more.

Disabilities Homepage for Parents This site has information about special education issues, including a dictionary, definitions, laws, medical assistive technology, organizations and adoption. This site also has a link for odering special needs books from Barnes and Noble. There is also a special education newsletter.


WEBSITES ABOUT: Newsletters and Publications

FEAT Daily Online Newsletter An excellent, highly recommended source to keep in touch with all that’s going on with Autism with the minimal of reading (on average two posts per day) by subscribing to the FEAT Daily Online Newsletter. They subscribe to a half a dozen of the larger autism-related email lists, as well as comb the larger dailies and the Internet Newsgroups and websites for leads (privacies protected). National parent-inspired organizations promoting scientific research into autism like NAAR, CAN, AGRE and the MIND Institute regularly feed important developments to report.

Closing The Gap Closing The Gap, Inc. is an organization that focuses on computer technology for people with special needs through its bi-monthly newspaper, annual international conference and extensive web site.


WEBSITES ABOUT: Asperger’s Syndrome and High Functioning Autism

FAAAS Families of Adults Afflicted with Asperger’s Syndrome A support group that is aimed at the families of those afflicted with Asperger’s Syndrome. Especially those whose relative has not been correctly diagnosed until they are well into adulthood.

Asperger’s Disorder Homepage A good site to start with, written by Kaan R. Ozbayrak, MD, with FAQs, and explanations of Asperger’s Syndrome, and a list of clinicians who evaluate individuals with Asperger’s Disorder.

O.A.S.I.S. -Online Asperger Syndrome Information and Support One of the more well-know spots on the internet! Very good pages on Asperger Syndrome, with excellent links.

Oops… Wrong Planet Syndrome Written by a mother with Aspergers who has a son with autism, this site includes personal information and factual information and over 800 links! She writes: “This page will take you to pretty well everything I know about the autism spectrum and more. It illustrates my own obsessive interest in autism information gathering and a desire to share what I know. I also share our story, a personal look at our life on the spectrum.”

On The Same Page Put together by individuals with Asperger’s Syndrome, this site contains information for those with this condition, parents, professionals, researchers, teachers, advocates, mentors, tutors, friends, service providers, and significant others.

 WEBSITES ABOUT: Other Autism Organizations

Start here for autism info ->The Autism Society of America (ASA) The mission of the Autism Society of America is to promote lifelong access and opportunities for persons within the autism spectrum and their families, to be fully included, participating members of their communities through advocacy, public awareness, education, and research related to autism. This site is a great place to begin learning about autism. 

NAAR The National Alliance for Autism Research (NAAR) is a national nonprofit, tax-exempt organization dedicated to finding the causes, prevention, effective treatment and, ultimately, cure of the autism spectrum disorders.

Autism Research Institute (ARI) The Autism Research Institute (ARI), a non-profit organization, was established in 1967. ARI is primarily devoted to conducting research, and to disseminating the results of research, on the causes of autism and on methods of preventing, diagnosing and treating autism and other severe behavioral disorders of childhood.

National Autistic Society, UK UK charity which exists to champion the rights and interests of all people with autism and Asperger syndrome and to ensure that they and their families receive quality services appropriate to their needs

The Jack Parish Foundation The Jack Parish Foundation’s goals are to fund educational projects (books, videos, audiotapes, CD-ROMs) that provide a unique perspective on treating children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders, providing funding and cutting edge therapeutic services to needy families, increasing awareness through the Internet and other state-of-the-art electronic communication platforms.

The Doug Flutie, Jr. Foundation The Doug Flutie, Jr. Foundation for Autism has been established by pro football player Doug Flutie, Sr. and his wife, Laurie Flutie, as their life-long commitment to make a difference in the lives of autistic children and their families. The foundation is named in honor of their 8-year old son Doug, Jr. who was diagnosed with autism at age three.

Defeat Autism Now The Autism Research Institute convened a group of about 30 carefully selected physicians and scientists in Dallas in January, 1995, for the express purpose of sharing information and ideas toward defeating autism as quickly as possible. A consensus statement and DAN! approach was developed. A collaborative website of three non-profit groups, The Autism Research Foundation (TAFR) , LADDERS, and Friends of LADDERS. LADDERS offers learning and developmental disabilities evaluation and rehabilitation services.

The Society for Auditory Intervention Techniques (SAIT) A non-profit organization and is located in Salem, Oregon. SAIT distributes information about auditory integration training (AIT) and other auditory-based interventions to professionals and parents through information packets; The Sound Connection quarterly newsletter; and annual conferences.