Lifespan Services – Consulting Groups

A full service autism consulting firm dedicated to helping you get what individuals with autism need and deserve throughout their lifespan.

A. Autism Diagnostic/IEP/IHP Group
Whether you are seeking a better diagnosis or negotiating a person’s IEP/IHP you need a professional autism expert on your team to identify what appropriate autism services the individual needs.

Our autism diagnostic group has autism professionals who understand the art of negotiating and will stand by your side to help you navigate uncharted waters.

B. Autism Mentoring Group 
Do you worry who will look after your child or adult with autism when you are not able?  Are you concerned about the monitoring of your child’s  trust fund?  Do you wish your child had more social activities?

This group offers lifespan monitoring and social coaching for children and adults with autism or related disabilities.

C. Autism Administrative Support Group
Does your school or agency have the need for an interim CEO/COO/CFO while you search for a replacement of your administrative leader?

Do you have Board issues; program direction/evaluation concerns; financial/development challenges, or other matters of day to day operation with which you are struggling?

This group has leaders in public and private arenas with demonstrated success in all areas of school and agency administration.

D. Speaker/Lecturers Group
Does your association, club or organization need a speaker on current issues in autism or related matters?

This group has professionals who can speak on such topics as the autism epidemic, early treatment, current fads and associated topics.

E. Autism Expert Witness and Forensic Group
Working with the nation’s leading disability and civil attorneys, this group of professionals can represent you in court regarding appropriateness of services; abuse/neglect conditions, and custodial/guardianship matters. This group might be just what you need when no one will listen to what you believe are a person’s rights for services and safety.

F. Autism Placement and Support Group
Are you frustrated when you can’t find appropriate services for your autistic child/patient/client? Do you wonder if the services they receive are state of the art? Do you need help identifying residential or school services tailored to the individual’s unique learning needs?

This group knows what’s available across the nation for children and adults with autism and can help you determine what you feel is appropriate as well as do the necessary advocacy to get the placement/services.

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