Lifespan Services – Testimonials

“David Holmes is a pioneer in the development of effective services for people with autism in New Jersey and throughout the nation. During the past three decades, he has developed effective service delivery approaches to make it possible for people with autism to live rich lives in their communities.”

Robt. Nicholas, Ph.D.

Past Commissioner and Director, The New Jersey Dept. of Human Services’ Division of Developmental Disabilities


“I can say without fear of contradiction that without the commitment and dedication of David Holmes, the state of autism services in NJ would be far less comprehensive, focused and innovative than what you see today. He has been, and remains, a leader in effectively advocating and developing Lifespan services for learners with ASD and their families.”

Peter Gerhardt, Ed.D.

Gerhardt Autism/Aspergers Consultation Group


“David is one of a small and very special elite of professionals who have dedicated their lives and talents to the provision of lifespan services for individuals with autism. He has developed and overseen effective, science-based programs that recognize the dignity and abilities of highly- challenged youth and adults by the integration of educational, vocational, and residential programs. Dr. Holmes is more than an administrator, an advocate, and an academic. He is a humanist, whose deep and sincere concern for individuals with autism and their families has produced both direct and essential services and helped bring hope through treatment. “

Robert Titus
Parent COSAC Board of Trustees


I have know David Holmes for over 25 years and worked with him in many different capacities.  He is the consummate professional.  David’s superb leadership skills and remarkable diversity are what make him effective in many different settings.  I have seen him lead groups of peers, colleagues, teachers, parents, and all of them with the skill, patience, and direction that guarantee maximizing everyone’s efforts.  He also is very knowledgeable about all aspects of autism and quite comfortable and articulate in multiple settings including Group Homes, classrooms, staff meetings, conferences, court rooms, and etc.  David can be counted on to meet a wide range of needs and he is not only remarkably effective but extremely pleasant and enjoyable a well.  He has my greatest respect and strongest recommendation.

Gary Mesibov, Ph.D.
Professor and Director Division TEACCH University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Holmes as an administrator for a well-known facility serving primarily children and adolescents with Autism. Also, I have worked with Dr. Holmes when he served as an officer in a national organization representing school programs serving children and adolescents with disabilities. He is clearly an advocate who believes in acquiring the best services possible for any individual and/or family with whom he is working. He is a fervent believer in quality of programs and services to children and adults with disabilities.

Dr. M. Rice

President of NAPSEC


I have been involved with autism for more than 30 years and I have known many hundreds of professionals who have worked in various ways to improve the lives of people affected by autism.  But I have never met a single professional who can rival David Holmes’ persistent dedication to the well being of individuals with autism.  David’s “Lifespan ” perspective is rare, yet it is without question a vital and valuable orientation that should be ubiquitous in the field.  I credit David Holmes with developing and implementing a programmatic context that serves as a tremendously useful model, and I am grateful to David for this indispensable contribution.

Glen Dunlap, Professor

University of South Florida